On Laundry Break A Maryland Lottery Housekeeper Wins $50,000

Maryland Lottery’s Housekeeper Wins $50k Playing Scratch-off on Laundry Day

This is certainly good luck for a Maryland housekeeper who recently experienced an incredible win feeling by stopping at a convenience store. For one Maryland housekeeper, this ordinary Tuesday took an extraordinary turn. The lucky winner, who remains anonymous, and identified only as a resident of Oxon Hil.

While his wife’s laundry spun in the machines, and he was waiting for laundry to finish, then he decided to treat himself to a few lottery tickets. He shared with Maryland Lottery officials “I was waiting for the blankets and bedspreads to finish at a laundromat, so there I went to a convenience store and bought two $5 Money Money Money scratch-off tickets,”. This seemingly ordinary decision proved to be a life-changer.

His wife scratched her ticket first, a modest $20 win adding a touch of cheer to their laundry day routine. But the real surprise awaited the husband. As he scratched away the silver coating on his ticket, disbelief washed over him. There, staring back in undeniable clarity, were the symbols signifying the game’s top prize; which means a life-changing $50,000!

Maryland Lottery describes the winner’s initial reaction as utter disbelief. According to the Maryland lottery, the winner said “I tried every way possible not to see the $50,000 printed there” He recounted trying to convince himself it was a mistake, that the zeros must be playing tricks on his eyes.

That was a heartwarming situation that he was facing because he got $50,000 with a small investment like $5. Now the couple wants a down payment for a home.

Source: For updated information on Lottery payouts and Federal tax obligations visit www.irs.gov.

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