Man in North Carolina Lottery Hit Jackpot After Years of Playing at Same Store

A Man Won North Carolina Lottery Fast Play Jackpot After Years of Playing

A North Carolina man’s unwavering dedication to the Fast Play Progressive lottery game paid off big. A friendly local player won a jackpot prize on Friday, April 5th, 2024. Benjamin Simmons who is a resident of Charlotte, became the latest lottery jackpot winner. According to the North Carolina Education Lottery, Simmons had been playing the same lottery game for quite some time, frequenting the same store for each purchase. This consistent routine not only developed his lottery playing habits but also fostered a friendly rapport with the store owner.North Carolina Lottery

NC Education Lottery officials highlighted that Simmons and the store owner had become good friends over their frequent interactions. On Friday, April 5, Simmons bought a lucky $20 Max Win ticket for the Fast Play game at the Raceway BP on Lyles Lane in Concord, his decision brought him closer to his lottery win dreams after years. He matched winning numbers aligned perfectly and won a hefty sum of $992,574.

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Simmons excitedly shared with lottery officials at headquarters in Raleigh “I can’t wait to tell him (store owner) I won.” So just hours later he claimed his prize. Simmons’ odds of winning the Max Win game are 1 in 320,000. Simmons revealed to lottery officials that he intends to use a portion of the prize money to support a family member currently battling a medical issue.

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