Iowa Lottery Prankster Wins $50,000, Family Thought It’s Also a Joke

A Prankster Won Big Playing Iowa Lottery Monopoly Game But Family Considered It a Prank Too

Hunter Rodibaugh is a Cedar Rapids car salesman with a penchant for pulling pranks. When he won a lottery prize & delivered that news to his parents they did not consider it true. This 23-year-old jokester struck gold with the Iowa Lottery’s Monopoly game, scoring a hefty $50,000 prize.

This incredible win unfolded during a seemingly ordinary trip for refreshments. There he purchased two sodas, and the store clerk inquired if he wanted anything else. With a glance at the lottery tickets, Rodibaugh impulsively chose Monopoly option no. 13. This spur-of-the-moment decision turned out to be a lucky one, as it landed him the game’s second $50,000 jackpot! The odds of hitting this jackpot in the $5 prank-turned-payoff moment were a staggering 1 in 125,790.

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About his parents, he told the Iowa lottery officials “They called me back and were like, ‘Are you kidding? Are you messing with us?'” Rodibaugh recounted to Iowa Lottery officials. Because his reputation as a prankster left his parents skeptical of his supposed lottery win. But Rodibaugh assured them, “No, guys, I am so serious! I scanned it with my Iowa Lottery mobile app and it says I won 50 grand!”

Rodibaugh described his win as “probably the coolest moment I’ve ever had in my entire life.” His plans for this winning dollars are to mix responsibility and enjoyment. He intends to pay off his student loans, invest in some new golf clubs, and set aside a portion of the winnings as a safety net.

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